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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 10, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> chris: since he died i have heard so many from you who have loved and lost pets. thank you for your kind messages. we like to think we take care of these wonderful little guys but once they are gone you realize it's the other way around. that is it for today. have a greater week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> tonight on huckabee. >> decorating trees still not happy. >> why is charlie brown preesed? because it is offensive. we weigh in on the trouble standard. >> we are going to have to see the rates on the top 2 percent
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go up. >> virginia congressman randy forge on the president to go over the fiscal cliff. >> gabby douglas on the role of her try iumph. >> governor mike huckabee. >> thank you very much. great audience thank you from huckabee fox news studios in new york city. >> for the past few weeks i have 48 city scarlet i met several hundred who watch the show every week. there is political gridlock on both parties and many of you are concerned about the country. your kids and grand kids could have a better life in you. the recurring theme i heard over
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and over was the sense that our leaders weren't leading and they aren't listening. the elections accident a clear message. they said meet the new boss instesame as the old boss. same president, same senate, same house. we truly made have will sunk the titanic. we may have put too much hope in human beings could have solved problems in many cases not nearly as booed good at it. you at least balance your checkbook at home and you pay your bills and you show up for work. washington hasn't balanced it's checkbook. it has to borrow money from the chinese to pay its bills. barely shows any real work or progress on our behalf. maybe they just aren't listening to us any more. it occurred to me if they won't listen to us i wonder if they will listen to a stronger voice.
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i wonder if they will listen to god? walls of water party, or signs and watonders. sometimes you speak them in a still small voice. since the leaders from either party don't seem to listen to us wonder what would happen if we asked god to speak to them so maybe they would listen to him. it may be a good day for somebody to have more of a million voice march on capitol hill. what if millions of americans simply prayed that day for our nation our leaders and. i am not talking about partisan prayer. i am not sure the almighty would register with either of the parties we have now. not even a political prayer. i am not sure what the creator would like to reveal.
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what if millions of americans just set aside a few minutes to pray for each other or the president or congress, governor, mayor legislators or children's future. you don't have to believe like me or pray like me i am sure we can figure out if we are sincere. i am asking spiritual leaders to call their friends constituents congregations families followers. set aside sunday january 20th as a day to pray. nothing to buy. nothing to attend. no former formula. simply say you will participate in your own way on your own schedule. it is a day to go to the web site. you will pray that day. a day to that's all you need to remember. >> maybe if washington won't listen to us he will listen to god. let's ask him. might change our country.
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it might just change us. (applause) >> it has been one of the most anticipated shows for the christmas season for boys and girls all of the way back since 1965. charlie brown's search for the true meaning of christmas. but a stage version of charlie brown christmas was canceled in my home state of arkansas because one person complained. meanwhile the judge in the trial of the fort hood shooter was thrown off the case because he had the nerve to tell the shooter he was going to have to shave his beard. joining us now the host of red eye and co host of the five right here on fox news author of the new book joy of hate. welco welcome brett gutfeld. (applause)
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welcome. cop grat layingses on the book. >> i owe it all to you. >> you were my inspiration for hate. >> the joy of hate is when you talk about how the left comes out with phony outrage every time something comes along they get bent out of shape over it. recently one person objected to school person seeing charlie brown christmas. we know how radical that cartoon is. >> it's true. little bald guy. why does he have no hair. >> should we allow one person to shut down the charlie brown christmas for all of these kids because of an objection? >> i don't think they have gone far enough. look at rudolph the red nosed reindeer. red nose that's an attack on alcoholics. if you look at frosty the snowman isn't that insulting to people who are emotionally
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distant? santa, anna gram for satan. let's be real. you are right. what this is, it's not just an attack on religion. it is an attack on fun. all of these things people are going after have one thing in common they bring people together and have a good time. everybody has to have the same amount of fun. everybody has to be invited to the same party. if you are not part of the same group then that is exclusion nature re. exclusion nature reactivities are mean. so i can't be a part of that group then you can't be a part of the group. you shouldn't get any presents, charlie brown is evil rue solve the red nosed rain tieindeer is. frosty the snowman is evil. you are evil. >> a lot of people have been saying that to me for a long time. that's not anything new. it is an attack on fun.
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that is quite accurate. >> i think generally -- i know atheists and i know a lot of them are fun loving people. but a lot of people choose certain things because they are miserable they want everybody else to be miserable. i want to switch to another topic. the fort hood shooter nadal hassan on trial for murder killing 13 people plus an unborn child. supposed to shave his beard because that's the way it is done in the military. the judge who ordered him to shave his beard has been thrown off the case rather than shave the guy's beard. shouldn't we shave every part of his body tell him that's just the beginning for what he did for those people in fort hood? oo shave him with a really dull razor and throw him into a
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vat of gerbils. that's why i am not allowed in leadership. there are the photographs from the 80s. we are in a culture of coward december which is based on enhanced sensitivity. when somebody is doing their job that is seen as an infraction it is seen as mean. this administration is suffering from islam phobia phobia. they are scared of being accused of islamic phobia. fort hood was a terrorist act and it was characterized as workplace violence. we are living in a time where we are tear fied of language we can't call things what they are. what happened in benghazi. it was called a spontaneous mob. why was that? isn't want to coall it terror. it is i think sansane. >> any advice on how to deal with the intolerance on the
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left? >> you know there's a book out there. it will be on tour next week it will be in texas in oklahoma, louisiana with that book. here's the thing. when you are dealing with fake outrage you ignore them. they are not worth your time. if they don't go away mock them and use their tools. their own guilt is about the racism is causing me to call them a bigot. that will make your head explode. then you can laugh and dance around them. >> i bet they will. good luck on the book tour. the book is called the joy of hate. by the way all of the members of our studio audience they are going to leave quite happy because they are going to get a copy of greg gutfeld's book. >> wait they have to pay for that. >> no they don't.
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you are giving it to them. >> up next gabby douglas. a small business owner who wants to expand and create more jobs. it is turning his american dream into a nightmare. that's next. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions. like say, gas station sushi. cheap is good. and sushi, good. but cheap sushi, not so good. it's like that super-low rate on not enough car insurance. pretty sketchy. ♪ and then there are the good decisions. like esurance. their coverage counselor tool helps you choose the right coverage for you at a great price. [ stomach growls ] without feeling queasy. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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you manufacturer steel bars something that is used in various places, but what are the challenges that you face trying to make a product in america? >> governor, i never miss a marketing opportunity. on my way in a lot of the steel in your office is made by small companies like mine. the steel that holds up your lights moves your booms, the steel underneath the chairs in the audience. >> that is paper under there. >> be careful out there audience. >> it is made like companies like mine. we are a small steel
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manufacturer. we started in 93. our product is a commodity product. the steel we sell is the same as the steel made in china or india. there is a big difference, though. in america the rates from much higher. how does the company like mine compete in a global environment where products from china and india and europe are crashing on our shores? >> they are dumping product by having government subsidies to chien needs products that are often then subsidized so they can put you guys out of business on the entire market. that's what a lot of americans don't understand. it's frustrating to me. >> there is probably an even more important point about the product that is that our own government is making it more difficult for us to compete. >> how are they doing that? >> president obama is making the rounds. he is going to help us out by increasing our taxes. the only way we can beat governor is by investing in equipment. if the wage rates are lower in
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china and steel costs the same electricity costs the same the only way i can business is to have better gimeequipment ane only way to have better equipment is to continually investment the only way to continually invest is make a profit. we are unable to invest in equipment capital accumulation increases wage growth decreases. >> there are a lot of big businesses that do okay. ge didn't pay any taxes at all. really big corporations are finding ways to be multi national. they can get accountants and lawyers to help circumvent the complexities of the tax code. as a small business operator do you get to do those things? >> when president obama came to hatfield, pennsylvania which is a few miles down the street about a week ago he was covered by all of the press as it should be. the rooep i am on your show is
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we tried to have a similar event showing how it would not be effective. there was almost no one attending. they have nothing except the press outlets. the story you are telling small business doesn't have representation is a story that needs to be heard by the american people. we cannot compete. in our goen governmeown governm the biggest obstacles to success. >> you say it's not a financial issue but a moral issue. explain how it is a moral issue. >> i had the good fortune of living overseas i have seen how other people live. one of the best things about living overseas is you get to crèche yat what america is america is a sunique place. america is a unique government. our government is the only one
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in the history of man. it was forged to protect the citizen as rights and citizen's pursuit of happiness. the government is perfect. the government was the citizen. it is no longer the citizen. now the citizen has to cobecome means for government. o president obama has an idea of national healthcare. it may be a compelling idea. his dream of healthcare is not my dream. president obama is not using a force of government to coerce the power of federal government to compel not just me and you but every single american in this country to fund his dream. it is not the purpose of the american government. >> maybe what i can tell you is this, if somehow you decide business is no longer profitable you decide to sell the company
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would you make a promise on the show i want to you run for congress. you make more sense than a lot of the folks making the decisions. i hope people will pay attention to you in business. >> i will that if you make me a promise. the role of government in america is split between federal and state and local for that matter. with congress failing, record low approval with our senate failing at record low approval with the president not representing about 50 percent of the country with the supreme court failing it's primary duties to uphold the constitution it is time for our governors to step into their rightful role and defend citizens and the constitution. >> i totally agree. i hope that that is where the power shift will be. william marx a real pleasure. nice to have you. i hope people pay attention. >> is the president willing to allow our president to fall into
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an economic black hole to prove mi his point to get what he wants? absolutely according to one of his cabinet members. i will talk with randy forbes when we come back.
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>> treasury secretary tim geithner says the obama administration is willing to let it goefr the fiscal cliif is -- fiscal cliff. >> if republicans do not agree to that is the administration prepared to go over the fiscal cliff? >> absolutely. there's no process in agreement that doesn't involve those rates going up on the top 2 percent of the wealthiest members.
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only 2 percent. all of those americans, too, get a tax cut. the obama administration is happening what happens for the aying american families. we have congressman randy forbes. >> let me ask you something. do you feel like a president actually wants this to happen so that it gives him some political ad vantage? >> i have to judge that by two things. first of all what i am hearing from my colleagues on the democratic leadership side they said they wanted to go over the fiscal cliff because we have argued all along they will start by simply taxing everybody over 250,000. they told me they wouldn vote fr anything that would tax everybody over 150,000.
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you take the president's actions. the president doesn't want to get an agreement or compromise he wants to get his way. he won't come to the table with any serious proposal because we can get a solution everybody can live with. they have a bit of a messaging problem. i don't understand why there's not more of a conversation that starts with the fact these taxes go up. democrats would not extend what has been a republican proposal to keep them low. they are in place now and that's a republican package. if that doesn't happen the democrats taxes are higher. i am not hearing the clarity of that. why not? >> the orchestrated media wants to give you two myths. the president hasn't come from the table with anything. all he does is press conferences. the second thing they wanted to give you the illusion if the tax rates go up on everybody above #
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200,000 that solves all of the problems. what i suggest to the speaker and majority leader the past two weeks is i suggested they take a major conference hall to the capital and every morning the speaker the majority leader and the whip and our leadership team walk up to the table and say we don't want to do anything behind closed doors. we are willing to negotiate and talk about the ideas but where is the senate and president? american people can hear what they are putting on the table and second the senate and president are missing in action. >> you did a piece in which you said our president is holding the national security hostage. what did you mean by that? >> as you know we have had this administration cut national security by $800 billion over the last couple years.
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we got a half trillion dollars of cuts that will come into place in january. that will be devastating to our military. that is based on secretary of defense and his comments. i had the army chief of staff in my office a week or so ago telling me they are look to go cut 80,000 people out of the active duty army beginning now. that is before these massive cuts come through. i think they will see the harmful effects over the next decade. >> in a word do you think we avert the train reck? are we getting a front row seat and watch it happen? >> we want to you get an agreement we want to you work it out. >> we don't want you to throw our principals into the train. as you mentioned we have passed
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the proposal that would stop the defense cuts that would stop the tax rates from going up. we passed something the president asked and i think we are willing to go over the cliff. we are willing to work to try to get the agreement. in the process we don't want to throw the fundamental principles out the window. i think we firmed it as well. >> thanks for being with us. always a pleasure. >> she was one of america's darlings when she captured the imagination of little girls all over the country during the 2012 olympics in london. olympic gold medallist gabby douglas will join us later. first a detroit politician tells the president we have got your back. now it is time for pay back. the week's notables and quoteables coming up next.death.
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now back to huckabee. detroit is broke. detroit is in big stroubl. officials are figuring out what is the largest fan ever to bankruptcy. we kickoff the quotes of the week. >> after the election of jimmy carter the honorable andrew young he went to washington, d.c. and came back with basics. that's what you do. that's what you do.
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this is -- othere are people in overwhelming support of the reelection of this president. there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise lied der ship on that. why not. >> let's be open about it. quid pro quo. can i tell you why that is a little bit of a problem? in most states's a felony to make a promise if you vote for a certain candidate that candidate will in turn give you something. it doesn't matter if it's an amount of money an appointment to a job. all of the time i was a governor or lieutenant governor i understood vote for me i will get you on the university of arkansas board i knew i could go to jam for that. i never thought anybody would openly on f
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openly on public television say we voted for you we won't make it quid pro quo. the expectations of return. why don't we vote for people not because we are going to get bacon but because we might get good government. it's a result we can have either bacon or good government. syria's leader assad has been losing his grip during the civil war raising concerns he might use chemical weapons on his own people. monday president obama issued awarning to assad. >> i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those under his command the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> i can't wait to see what that
12:35 am
is going to be. given the propensity the u.n. can get it fixed if he does use chemical weapons we will send him a letter. if that doesn't work a strongly worded letter and if that doesn't work, we will send him a really strongly worded letter with all of the words in bold type. you know the tragedy is the president promised us he understood people in these muslim countries and they would listen to him in a way they didn't listen to previous presidents. how is that working out for us? it is not working out at all. egypt is a mess, syria is in civil war between 40 and 50,000 people killed by its own government. problems in tunisia. problems still remaining in afghanistan and that corrupt government. i am still waiting to find out what it is that we are going to do that scares iran enough to shut down the nuclear program. in the meantime are we putting any real muscle on these crazy mad men?
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no demanding israel to stop bed rins. i think somehow we are missing something. i think we put more pressure on crazy governments building nuclear devices and releasing gas on their own citizens than we should about israelis making veterans in their own backyards in their own families. nbc sports bob costas created a whole lot of controversy last sunday night while coming on the news about kansas city belcher having killed his girlfriend before taking his own life. he says if belcher didn't possess a gun he and cassandra would be alive. kostas spent the week defending his comments. here he is on "o'reilly factor." >> i never used the words gun control. i quoted from a column by jason
12:37 am
wit lock who was in kansas city for a long time. now is on the fox sports web site in which he mentioned credibly a gun culture in this country. it plays itself out in many ways but it's a mentality about and toward guns that almost always leads to tragedy rather than safety. >> not always leads to tragedy. i think you are a great sports caster. i do. i thought you did a terrific job at the olympics. for the same reason i don't try to do commentary on sports you might want to do a little brushing up on the facts before you comment on the gun culture. 4,000 times a day in this country 4,000 times a day guns are used to prevent a crime by private citizens. there is 50 times more of a likely hood that a private citizen with a firearm would stop a crime than would be a victim of a crime.
12:38 am
you also think if belcher didn't have a gun cassandra would have been alive. a 6 foot 8 football player he could have killed her with a life of bread much less a gun. i don't think it would make any difference. we didn't talk to the head injury that led to the use of drug that is led to the use of alcohol and violent behavior. if we are going to stop crime let's stop it at all levels not just the people who might legitimately have a right to have a firearm to protect themselves like belcher. if cassandra had a gun she might be alive not belcher having a gun. well, she beat the world's best to become the world's best buy winning olympic gold. she was pretty close to not making it at all. not because she lost, but because she almost quit. gold medal winning gymnast gabby
12:39 am
douglas will hitell us how her faith kept
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gabby was close to giving it all up. her story is told in a new book grace, gold and glory. please welcome one of my favorites gabby douglas. (applause) >> hi, bagabby. it is so nice to have you here. >> thank you. nice to meet you. >> you gave me so much pleasure during the olympics, darling. i am telling you. you are amazing. >> thank you. >> you know, i have to ask, though, the story is that you
12:43 am
were real close to not going to the olympics and quitting to take a job and do what? >> work at chik-fil-a. >> to work at chik-fil-a. >> i heard you love chik-fil-a. >> i do love chik-fil-a. >> i tell you what i am sure if you want to work at chik-fil-a i can get you on there. >> it's okay. >> i have a feeling your career is going to take you a lot of places. but it is interesting, why did you even think about quitling? >> i thought about quitting because my family came to iowa for christmas. i was home sick. i hadn't been home for a while. i wanted to go with them when pris mass was all said and done they were ready to pack up and go to virginia. i wanted to go with them. the home sickness was very strong. it almost drove me to the point that i wanted to quit gymnastics. >> i don't think people understand how much sacrifice athletes have to make in order to win one of these. we have a couple of your gold
12:44 am
medals here. that is pretty cool. it's not easy to end up on the platform. i can understand why it is frustrating. you talked in your book one of the ways you held strong is because your faith kept you there. tell me about that. >> my faith played a big role in my life. i don't know where i would be without it today. god has blessed me so much. he's kept me safe and woke me up every single morning. require watching the olympics and i -- my lips are moving and that's me praying. i always pray before every competition. right as the judges hand goes up i pray. it is part of me and i love it. >> you didn't pray just to win the olympics. you prayed because that's who you are. >> that's who i am, yeah. >> how does faith keep you grounded? there's a lot of pressure on you now. i can only image what it was like during the olympics. i mean i can only image because i don't understand it. the pressure there but now the
12:45 am
pressure people knowing you they are watching you, they are watching y -- asking you all ofe questions. how does your faith keep you grounded and keep you from letting it all get to you? >> faith has kept me grounded. i am very humble. i am so thankful. it keeps me grounded and my mom keeps me grounded my siblings do. i am a big giver. i love to give. i want to be that blessing to other people. i want to give back. >> i want to hear about the favorite moment you had since the olympic games. what was that? >> i think the most favorite moment i had was after when i jumped into his arms. the next day he told me he cries. he never cries. for me to hear that was amazing. >> i think everybody in america cried watching you. in a good way. in a good way.
12:46 am
>> you go out with such confidence and poise. we understand how we would feel if we were your age and wonder how does she do it. now i get to ask you how does she do it? >> god gave me this god given talent. the glory goes all up to him. he has blessed me like i said. it takes a lot. it takes determination and dedication it takes a heart and it takes those i want it. you have to want it in order to get it. you have to want to work hard every single day. you have to want it. >> there are not many people who want to do what you did to get there. the discipline, day after day after day the gruelling training you had to endure. was there any particular thing that kecht you going?
12:47 am
>> i can image you were tired and think of the repetition of it. is withere a way you said i wan to do this whether you had gold medals or not. >> at least i tried it moving to iowa giving up, going to a whole different place a new atmosphere. my motivation was going to the olympics. i never wanted to have rekret saying i wish we would have done that. that was my motivation. me and my family went through a lot of struggles. i wanted to accomplish my dream. just to go to the olympics and have fun. >> you not only have fun but you gave us a lot of fun. was there something big that happened to you. >> i say going to the white house and meeting the president.
12:48 am
>> was that even bigger than being on the show? just wondering. >> was it okay when the sports writers called you a flying squirrel. was that a term of endeerment or did you not like that? >> i think squirrels were cute. >> you can be called anything you want to. you are the best there is. you really are. >> your book is also i think something not only this audience will hear about but they are all going to take a copy home with them today. >> they love you now. they loved you before. gabby you are delightful. >> what happened to y>> thank y. >> richard marx is going to perform one of his favorite christmas songs. stay with us. the capital one cash rewards card
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o >> my next guest sold more than a million albums he had 14 chart topping songs. he recorded a christmas album called christmas would you rwelcome richard marx back to the show. >> having you back. >> good to see you. >> i understand that your grandmother has wanted you to do a song a long time. she passed away now. sheep wanted you to do a christmas album. why did you wait so stinking long? >> i have an ex plan anythings. my bra -- explanation. my grandmother passed away in
12:53 am
1989. i was in my early 20s. make a christmas album. i said grandma that's what old people do. now i am running around hey everybody i made a christmas album. >> this is a new venture for you you hadn't done it before. what is your favorite christmas memory. when you think of christmas it is what come to your head. >> i don't have a one-. they are all great. i can't remember a christmas that wasn't awesome. when i was a kid my mom made such a big deal about christmas. it still does. our house in chicago you could land a plane based on our house. >> the police drove by can you calm it down a little bit? >> all of the audience is going to get a christmas memory. they are going to go home today with a copy of richard marx.
12:54 am
>> i just want to say i appreciate you guys. the original idea was that i would come to each of your homes and sing the album. this is better for me. >> amazon itunes. >> the trunk of my car every where. >> richard marx do a christmas song for us. >> you have got it. >>
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♪ >> great job. so nice to have you back. >> hope you and your family have a very wonderful christmas. >> thank you. >> we thank you for joining us. until next time from new york this is mike huckabee. thanks, good nice and god bless. ♪
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